Astrasync for BlackBerry is a great solution for those who need two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with a Microsoft Exchange, MailSite Fusion, CommuniGate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, FirstClass or Kerio MailServers and more. Their latest version, 4.0 is now available and has a ton of added features to it.
  • Support for HTML Email -You can now choose to display message content in HTML or Plain Text format.
  • Hotlinks in Messages- AstraSync now supports hotlinks in messages for telephone numbers, email addresses and website addresses. Hotlinks work in HTML and Plan Text modes.
  • Meeting Requests- You can now view meeting requests and decide whether to accept or decline the request.
  • Message Flags and Priority- AstraSync now supports the display and setting of message Flags. The message Priority is also displayed.
  • Message Multi-select- You can now select multiple messages in the message list and can perform a single operation on those messages (for example Move). Two modes are supported: Group-select to select a list of adjacent messages and Multi-select to select non-adjacent messages.
  • Brand new User Interface- All of the AstraSync screens have been updated with a brand new modern interface. The AstraSync configuration screens are now more consistent with the native BlackBerry Options screens.

Current Astrasync users are alerted automatically of updates, but if you are new to Astrasync and have a need for their service check em out.

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