AstraSync and Monitor

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It was roughly a year ago when I reviewed AstraSync; a robust two-way synchronization application. Time and time again it has proven itself to be an effective alternative for those who look for BES-type services, without the BES-type cost (they even say they’re more reliable). Your calendar, email and contact data can be synchronized OTA with numerous Exchange ActiveSync compatible servers, including; Windows Live, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. Back in October, we mentioned the availability of the AstraSync 4.2 beta, which offered an impressive list of improvements and add ons – including increased performance, content encryption and enhanced store system. Earlier this month, it was announced that 4.2 emerged from the beta world to offer users the following enhancements:

  • New: Create Meeting Requests - You can now create a new meeting request and send it to the attendees direct from AstraSync.
  • New: Email Content Encryption - Email message data is now encrypted on the device, providing greater security should your device be lost or stolen.
  • New: Kinetic Scrolling - Message lists in AstraSync now support kinetic scrolling to make navigating large folders faster and easier.
  • More: Power User Options - More performance settings have been added for power users including control of Direct Push behavior, email truncation size, PIM status checks and AutoDiscover.
  • New: Device Alert Profile Integration with Monitor - AstraSync now works with Monitor (A new monitoring program for BlackBerry) to give closer integration with the device OS.

That last feature is one of importance because it deals with one of the developers newest applications; Monitor. This free application helps you keep an eye on the performance of your BlackBerry. Through ongoing charting of your memory, battery life and reception, you can learn where you can make changes that will boost the operation of your smart phone. Monitor is available for BlackBerrys running OS 4.7 or higher.


  • Shows you how much memory you have left on your BlackBerry.
  • Shows you the status of your BlackBerry connections.
  • Shows you how much data you have sent and received.
  • Shows you exactly how much battery you have remaining.
  • Auto Starts Applications after a reboot.
  • Allows J2ME applications like AstraSync BlackBerry exchange sync closer OS integration.

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More information/download Monitor for BlackBerry

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