Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft certainly isn't a new entry into BlackBerry World but it also hasn't had a lot of updates in the times it has been available either. That changed yesterday though, as Gameloft dropped a new update that brought not only further device support (all BlackBerry 10 devices are now supported) but also a few new features. Plus, Gameloft finally dropped the $.99 they were charging for the game.

  • New Cars - Fill your garage with a whole fleet of new beauties!
  • Collect em' all - Build an impressive collection of speed machines to win awesome rewards!
  • No more rental fee for events! - Enter our Time-Limited Events using the brand new Fuel system and may the best driver win!
  • Extra Tank - This new booster is designed for new players that want an even playing field with the veteran racers out there!

If you avoided Asphalt 8: Airborne because of the fee, now is a good time to grab it and add it to your game collection. A note of caution though, some of the reviews are saying the update is laggy on some devices, mostly the Z10. I'm not having any such issues on my Passport, but it's worth mentioning if others are experiencing it. Also, mind the download size. It does come in at about 1.6GB so get connected to Wi-Fi and make sure you have available space.

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