The amount of stickers available in the BBM Shop continues to grow with the latest releases. This time around, there's two new packs to choose from and one of them is actually for a good cause.

The Lil' Panda pack consists of some adorable pandas that I honestly didn't know were a thing until now but are from the Lil' Panda company, which is a fun lifestyle brand that seeks to empower girls to express their own unique inner spark and optimism, according to their website. The other pack that has arrived is from the ASPCA and features several cute, animated kitties and puppies within it. The cool thing about this pack is that if you purchase it, a portion of the proceeds (6.5%) will go to the ASPCA all the way up until June 2017.

You can grab both packs from the BBM Shop right now with pricing set at $2.99 for the Lil' Pand pack and $1.99 for the ASPCA pack.