Another shopping outlet has been kind enough to bring us a native application to BlackBerry 10. ASOS is pretty well known here in the UK and although their website does offer online shopping in a variety of countries I'm not too sure how big it is overseas.

The ASOS Daily Edit app is a simple and user friendly way of seeing what's new to buy from the fashion retailer. With the app split into six sections, finding some quality (and bargain) clothes only takes a few seconds and all from the palm of your hand. Once you find an item you like you can discover out more information about it, view photographs, share and even buy the item. There is also the option to 'save' an item if you need to go off and do something else - therefore allowing you to jump right back into the items you are interested in.

Placing an order will require an account but that doesn't take long to do and is fairly painless. The user interface is quite beautiful and makes shopping on your BlackBerry a great experience. The ASOS daily Edit app is free to download and is compatible with all current BlackBerry 10 devices. Like clothes shopping? What are you waiting for - hit up the link below.

Download ASOS Daily Edit form BlackBerry World