Ascarii 2 Released!!

Elecite has been hard at work since the official Plazmic Developers Kit was released the other day. To my surprise when I checked out the site I was pleased to see one of my favorite themes by them has seen a little bit of a revamp. Ascarii, with its red and black color scheme and "sports car" feel to it has now moved into its second revision and is now Ascarii 2. Just like the original, it absolutely makes your screen pop with its design and use of great looking backgrounds and even makes the battery and signal meters interactive by having them act as gauges to extend that sports car feel even further.

As I mentioned the original Ascarii was/is one my favorite themes from Elecite. The only issue I had with it was that when I had it active on my device everyone kept asking me to see my BlackBerry, because just like that red blinking light, it draws you in. Ascarii 2 is available for the Bold, Storm and 8900. Be sure to check out the screen shots to see how it will look on your specific device.