Arr! SS

Cruising the forums I ran across Arr! SS and decided to check it out (mostly because of the sweet name). Just as it sounds, Arr! SS is a simple RSS reader for BlackBerry. It is still in the early stages, but many updates are on the way. The installation is simple, and the interface is as easy as can be. There is currently a free and premium version available. The free version gives you all the basic features, allowing you to add feeds manually and some other mild tweaks. If you are looking for something more, the premium version easily integrates with Google Reader and allows you to quickly import feeds (more premium features will be added that won't be found in the free version). The UI is plain and simple - just click the feed title and you are taken to the article list where you can expand one by one. If you aren't a fan of a fully charged RSS readers, you should check out Arr! SS. The premium version is well worth the $1.99 tag, and with more updates on the way, you really can't go wrong.