subway reader

Oscar Wilde once said “A classic is book everyone has heard about but nobody has read.” Well now there is no excuse for not reading your classics. If you have a BlackBerry and a few minutes to spare you can now enjoy a short snippet of some of the world’s great literary classics.

E-mails from offer up daily sections of novels like Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days,” which comes in 82 sections, or can access your inner Russian and take on all 430 sections of “Anna Karenina.” Just think, at 10-minutes a day on your daily commute you can have read the Tolstoy classic in just over a year. Sure beats another game of brickbat.

Currently, the company is offering public domain titles for free although plans are in the works to bring new titles on for a fee.” According to a story in Reuters today, the company has more than 370 titles with more added daily and apparently 50,000 people have registered for some 75,000 titles.

Other authors in the list include Jane Austen, Dostoyevsky and Charles Dickens (which is appropriate since Dickens wrote his novels in installments for magazines.)