The awesome augmented reality application ARKick has been updated bringing some new features and improvements. The ARKick team are extremely proud of their work and have put together the above video to demonstrate the power of the app. 

We took a look at ARKick a while back and I was certainly impressed - so it's great to see continued support from the developers. In fact, if you remember, the app launched first on BlackBerry 10 with other OS's to follow in October. The developers have supplied the following statement which goes to prove their faith in the platform. 

Many asked us this question, "Why BlackBerry 10 first?". The answer is simply, we feel ARKick utilising the newest Augmented Reality technology does 'keep you moving' (as is the principle of BlackBerry 10 as a platform) as it is a much more natural way of navigating in contrast to maps.  

New in ARKick version 1.1:  

  • Sidekick Engine upgraded to version 1.0.1 with more detailed contextual filters for better recommendations in Sidekick Mode.
  • More responsive UI.
  • Added miles/kilometers unit inter-conversion.
  • Added default radius input.
  • Enhanced info page for the Points of Interest.
  • Slight battery consumption optimization.
  • Z30 optimization.
  • Increased map area.
  • Minor bug fixes.

More information/Download ARKick for BlackBerry 10