Jeremy Piven is a CrackBerry User

My friend Joanna Stern over at LapTop Magazine bumped into Entourage star (he makes the show really) Jeremy Piven, aka Ari Gold of Entourage fame at a Microsoft Launch event yesterday and had a few moments to talk tech with him. The conversation quickly turned to our favorite topic...

JS: What type of phone do you carry?
JP: A BlackBerry Curve. It has a picture of my niece Pearl on it. Isn’t that a nice coincidence.

JS: And you use BlackBerry messenger. Can I have your PIN so we can chat?
JP: I don’t know think that’s a good idea.

JS: There is a scene in a episode of Entourage where you pick up your cell in a synagogue during Rosh Hashana services. Would Jermey Piven pull an Ari Gold?
JP: I have to say I might. I guess I am a bad Jew and I love my phone.

Jeremy...if you read this... send me an email! I think you'd make the ideal Celebrity Spokesperson for Well, maybe you and Jessica could each share the responsibilities. :-)