I have been loving the new stickers in BBM lately. I may or may not be more annoying than normal with my messages, but I actually love throwing stickers in my conversations — even more so than just using emoticons. They add a new level to BBM and are a welcome addition in my book. I didn't think that I'd be a big fan, but I think they're a fun way to add some flair to messages.

On the flip side though, I do think that there is still some work to be done. There's still a few things that need to be addressed to keep BBM and stickers up to par with the other big IM services.

Obviously there needs to be more sticker packs as the few that are currently available will quickly get old for most users. Some more mainstream packs for well-known brands or even just more "generic" stickers like the recently added Work pack. I know that we'll get there, but I think that BBM needs to get them at a faster pace to keep interest from new users. I'm also not a big fan of how the stickers send immediately without a preview or confirmation, so hopefully that gets fixed down the road (thought it's not a terribly pressing issue I'm sure.)

We're curious to know who is loving stickers in BBM and who is just getting by without them. They're obviously not for everyone (and that's ok), so let us know your thoughts on BBM stickers in the comments.