There are many situations where I'm either browsing sites or my Twitter timeline looking for interesting stories to read but I don't always have to time read it enough to take it all in. Other times I'll see an interesting headline but I'm not able to read it straight away.

At times like these I'll want to save those links to read later, that's when Pocket (formerly Read It Later) comes in. It allows me to save links to read later via my phone or browser back on a computer.

While there is no official client for BlackBerry 10 there are third party apps available, one of which is called Mnemonia. It has a very simple UI, it's very simple to use and syncs very quickly with your Pocket account. You can even sync all your links to the app.

The app also allows you to archive the links, share them, add to favourites or just simple open to read it in the browser.

If you're a Pocket user, it's definitely an app you should check out. It's available from BlackBerry World now and best of all it's free.

Download Mnemonia for Pocket from BlackBerry World