Back when the weather was warmer, we looked at an extremely versatile alternative to the Video Chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This alternative comes in the form of ePhone Anywhere by Comwave. In case the name is new to you, ePhone gives you free voice and video calling between ePhone users. “So what” you say? Well ePhone users can also call those who are on a Mac or PC! The service is available in nearly 60 countries and for a low cost as well. Since the BlackBerry PlayBook OS update a few weeks ago (to version, BlackBerry PlayBook users haven’t been able to enjoy ePhone as much as they would like to. Comewave reached out to us to give everyone an update. Here is what they had to say:

Comwave has identified and RIM has confirmed a bug in the current release 1.0.8 with respect to flash rendering.  An OS patch is required but we have no ETA from RIM.  That being said, Comwave has produced a patch that works around this bug and it will be available in the next 24 hours.  Users simply need to launch ePhone and the patch will be pushed to them automatically.

It turns out that the OS release for BlackBerry Playbook causes ePhone to crash after it launches a SECOND time.  RIM has acknowledged the issue is with the latest OS and they are working on it. Since the latest version was released (1.08.6067), things seem to be back to normal.  If you are an ePhone user, let us know what your experience has been like recently.

More information/download ePhone for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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