As far as I am concerned RIM have always made great Bluetooth headsets, whether in ear or car speakers. I myself use the BlackBerry Visor Mount in my car and as well as it being awesome, the battery lasts for such a long time. But that'e enough about me. has published some images of what they say are the next range of Bluetooth accessories from Research in Motion. Clearly RIM have not confirmed these as far as I am aware so take them with a pinch of salt, but you have to admit they do look pretty sweet.

With BlackBerry 10 on the horizon who knows what additional media features will be embedded into the OS, so a new range of Bluetooth hardware may just be what we need. Fingers crossed the images are true. The Universal Bluetooth Headset HS250 looks great in the range of colours and as for the BlackBerry Personal Speaker - well, I just have to get me one of those. If they are indeed true of course. Fingers crossed.

Source: MacBerry