RIM push services

When it comes to email any BlackBerry user will tell you that they love their BlackBerry smartphone for how fast they can get email. RIM has been doing "push" email for a long time now and has  become the leader in that area - No doubt about that. Only now is the smartphone market catching up to BlackBerry and it sure as heck still has a long way to go as of yet in the area of push.

As much as we love our push email and applications, with the recent outages I can't help but wonder if the strong point RIM has made with BlackBerry is also a weakness of the service. Think about this for a second. While other Platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile do have some push capability for the most part, they also have "pull" capability at the same time built directly into their individual OS'. If the iPhone push services go down at any point, which they do, you can still pull your email into your device using your carrier data. The same goes with Android and Windows Mobile as well. The power of being able to pull email is not given to BlackBerry users due to the fact RIM is always touting the push benefits with email and even apps more and more.

BlackBerry users however, are well, kind of stuck for the most part. Sure you may be able to use the GMail application to check your GMail or your browser to access some other popular POP3 accounts, but that's assuming those items are working as well. As we know, some applications use RIM data services and some applications use your carriers data network. This area becomes fragmented as to which apps will work on your BlackBerry if there is a RIM outage. As RIM moves forward more and more with push applications, again I have to wonder, is push a benefit but also a hinderence to the the BlackBerry offerings at times? Should BlackBerry users have the ability to pull their data if they do so choose? Cast your vote and let us know, then sound off in the comments and tell me if you think I'm crazy or if you see my point.