Last week Apps World was held at Earls Court in Central London and good old Research in Motion had a booth there to promote not only the current BlackBerry platform with the PlayBook but also what the future holds in store for BlackBerry 10.

As you are aware, I met up with the developer relations team the day after when RIM UK opened the porting lab at their tech center. I had the opportunity to catch up with a few of the team including Aaron Ardiri and Alec Saunders to get some feedback from their appearance at Apps World and I was pretty impressed with what I heard.

One thing that really stood out was the fact that many people who visited the BlackBerry booth were not even aware that a BlackBerry device was capable of producing such apps and games. As well as the BlackBerry PlayBook being shown off the team also had some Dev Alpha's (running the dev build) on hand to show folk what the future has in store for BlackBerry 10. The general consensus from the public was 'wow, I didn't know a BlackBerry could do that'. In my opinion this was the perfect response as they will tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on.

As well as just showing BlackBerry apps to the visitors of the show the dev team also gave some presentations on HTML5, plus porting Android and iOS apps to BlackBerry 10. RIM's senior technical evangelist, Aaron Ardiri gave a presentation on gaming on the BlackBerry platform and in addition the rest of the team were on hand to answer questions about development from the shows attendees.

All in all a great event for RIM by the sounds of things. Roll on the New Year - we need our BlackBerry 10 phones!

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