Depending on what version of BlackBerry 7.1 you have will dictate whether you already have the Application Resource Monitor pre-loaded on your device. Back in June this year RIM announced that the app would be included in future software builds, but with OS versions being so reliant on carriers, many of you will be without it. The app is now available to download from BlackBerry App World for free and may well aid you if you are having issues with battery life on your BlackBerry.

As the name of the app suggests it runs in the background and will automatically scan third party apps and then alert you of any running on your device that may be using up some additional power. You have the option to turn the app on and off and it works a real treat. I have been using it for a while and was quite surprised when it alerted me to an application I have been running on my BlackBerry for years.

The Application Resource Monitor is only available for devices running BlackBerry 7.1 at this time although it would be nice to see some support in the future for BlackBerry 6 users. If your BlackBerry will support the app it is well worth a download. You may interested to see how much battery life is being wasted unintentionally.

Features of the app include:

  • ARM monitors applications that are not in the user's focus
  • When an application is in the background
  • All applications when the display backlight is turned off
  • Users are notified of applications via the notification banner
  • Users are able to disable automatic closing of applications
  • Users can tell ARM to not monitor the application via the notification
  • Available for BlackBerry 7.1 only

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