If you're an active member in the CrackBerry Themes forum, which we know you all are, you have probably already seen Hastings AppleBerry Theme Suite, but for those who are living in a nutshell, you won't want to miss this. This update brings graphical enhancements, a reworked "stacks" mechanism (which is so awesome) that actually allows users to see what icons are being hidden in the bucket, which is something that nearly no other theme allows for. Often times users purchase a hidden today theme, then the next week wish that they had the non hidden today, and well with this theme suite you won't have to worry about that!

Included in the theme suite users will find a minimum of eight different themes ranging from hidden today, to stacks, to weather and just basic. This allows the use of this theme at nearly all times since there is one to fit just about any requirement you may have on your device. Many people aren't a fan of transitions in themes, but they are implemented extremely well, and allow for an overall very smooth flow to the whole theme. Whether you are an Apple fanatic, or just someone who loves theme options on their BlackBerry device, this is one theme you will not want to pass up. 

Contest: We have 50 copies of AppleBerry Theme Suite to give away! Simply leave a single comment on this post to win! Contest ends Sunday at midnight PST.

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