BlackBerry vs. iPhone

Dieter live-blogged the long-awaited Apple iPhone SDK Launch Event over at earlier today. The big news to us BlackBerry users isn't the SDK; rather, it seems Apple has kicked off the event by announcing Microsoft Exchange / Active Sync Support and that they're coming after RIM in the Enterprise Market!

Check out his 12:07pm and 12:15pm and 2:23pm and 2:38pm updates specifically.

The 2:23 update sets the tone for the upcoming Enterprise battle, with the following Steve Job's quote coming out of Q&A...
Question: Business Apps are coming, Should RIM be worried?
Steve Jobs: Go Ask Them.

Dieter thinks a RIM-killer is in the works. I don't think RIM is going anywhere anytime soon. Let Dieter know what you think in the PhoneDifferent comments and don't forget to report back here with your thoughts!