On Monday I was traveling home from the USA, and our own Adam Zeis put up a post here on CrackBerry telling our readers to check out iMore's review of the new iPad. It didn't go over very well with many of our CrackBerry faithful. To be fair, we've been cross posting hero device reviews for years now. Yes, iMore told their iOS faithful to check out CB's review of the PlayBook when we posted it. But had I not been traveling, here's the post I would have wrote...

The New CrapPad

While RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is busy innovating with gesture-based interfaces and powerful, open development options, Apple has just released their 3rd generation iPad that's... hang on... looking... looking... Um... almost identical to the last iPad as far as I can tell. It's got a better screen and a faster radio, which makes us wonder if that's all Apple fans have really been complaining about all these years? You can go and read the really long review over at iMore if you absolutely have to, but I doubt any PlayBook fans will be switching over any time soon. In fact, I'm not sure what Apple would have to do at this point to get our attention? Maybe update that 5 year old interface? Consider a new form factor? Make a Porsche or Ferrari designed model?

Wake us up when iPad 4 hits. Or maybe not. Visit CrapPad.com if you do want to check out the full review. Stay classy CrackBerry.

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