This was the exact same headline that appeared on this SFGate article on March 15th, 1997. Over the past few days I have noticed links to this article pop-up a bunch on social networks and in our CrackBerry forums. Looking at where Apple is today not only in the mobile space, but also as one of the biggest companies in the world (in terms of revenue), it's almost hard to believe a headline like this was ever posted about the company. But it was.

Following the recent announcement that BlackBerry will cut another 4,500 jobs at the company, and with less than 24 hours to go until BlackBerry's next earnings report, this article serves as a reminder that *anything* can happen and that sometimes, in order to keep moving forward, you first have to take a step backward. 

Here's a snippet from the 1997 SFGate article:

Apple Computer Inc. Chairman Gil Amelio swallowed hard as he laid out his plan to save the beleaguered computer giant - a plan featuring fewer products and a considerably smaller work force.

The much-anticipated announcement Friday from Amelio and other top Apple officials began with the news of a 31 percent cut in the company's work force: 4,100 workers - 2,700 full-time employees and 1,400 contract workers - will lose their jobs.

"It's very painful for us to be laying off people who have been working very hard to bring Apple back to health," Amelio told reporters and analysts in a telephone conference.

But, he said, the only way to return the company to profitability was to slim it down from its present 13,400 employees and to cut its line of software and computer models.

"I am optimistic about the future," Amelio said.

"These actions put us back on the road to health."

You can hit up the link below for the rest of the article.

Keep the faith #TEAMBLACKBERRY!!