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Google Play has been unveiled and is the new home for apps, games, books and movies for all Android devices. Google Play is taking the place of the Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore, and it now leaves Android users with one central location where everything will be available and eliminating the need for separately branded stores. This follows Apple's iTunes approach in which everything can be purchased under one Apple ID.

RIM has BlackBerry App World for apps/games and partner stores (7Digital, Kobo, Rovi) for media and content, but no central store to house it all. So while the pieces are there, it's the user experience is a bit messy at the moment with multiple apps under different brands with multiple accounts to manage. Ideally it should be one store called "BlackBerry World" that holds apps, games and media under one roof. As it is now, you have to use your BlackBerry ID for apps/games in App World and separate accounts for movies, books and videos - not fun at all.

This is something we think RIM is definitely working toward for BlackBerry 10 and the introduction of BlackBerry ID was a starting point for this process. The next step is getting media/content partners to integrate into BlackBerry ID so purchases for music, movies, books, magazines and more could also be made via the payment method tied to a user's BlackBerry ID - whether credit card, paypal or carrier billing. Even if it's a third party app like the 7 Digital Music store, if it comes preloaded on the device it *should* integrate with BlackBerry ID. The utopia arguably would be get rid of the partner branding and provide a single BlackBerry World store - one in which you'll be able to purchase games, apps, books, videos and music -- all in one place.

What we want to know is just how much having a unified store for games, apps and media matters to you. Are you okay having separate stores and managing separate accounts for everything? Or would you prefer a one-stop "BlackBerry World" store with games, apps, books, videos and music that all falls under your BlackBerry ID? Let us know in the poll above the answer that best fits you, then sound off in the comments below.

Source: Android Central

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