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  • Initial Release: 12 Nov 2012
  • Vendor: Sven Studios
  • Version: 8.1
  • Last Updated: 24 Mar 2014
  • Price: Free

Our Thoughts

Put your wordsmithing to the test

WordHero is a fast and furious word game where large groups of players online are provided with a grid of letters and they have to formulate as many words out of adjacent letters as possible in two minutes.

Every round, players are ranked on a leaderboard to see who had come up with the most and the largest words. WordHero is a great alternative to the usual asynchronous Scrabble-style games, which are just way too easy to cheat at; by putting users on the clock, WordHero relies on pure skill and fast thinking.


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i hated wordament on my windows 8 tablet because i could not make it even on the top 100. so i wont give another reason to hate myself. lol.