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Where's My Water?

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  • Initial Release: 13 May 2013
  • Vendor: Disney
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  • Last Updated: 21 May 2013
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Our Thoughts

A unique mix of water physics, digging puzzles, and gator hygiene

Where's My Water? is a great liquid-based puzzle game for all ages. Players dig through soil to facilitate the flow of water downwards to Swampy the alligator's bathroom, so he can finally clean off after a day of trudging around the sewers.

Players have to work around certain subterranean obstacles, such as contaminants and pits, while also discovering hidden bonus objectives buried along the way. Where's My Water? can get particularly challenging when you have only a limited amount of water to work with, and can only spare losing so much through your dig. 

Kids and adults alike are sure to get some fun out of over 400 brain-teasers tucked inside this puzzle title.


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Where's My Water?