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Talk2Watch Pro

Talk2Watch Pro

Must have app for Pebble smartwatch owners on BlackBerry 10

The Pebble smartwatch isn't supported on BlackBerry 10, however, there is a pretty solid third party client available in the form of Talk2Watch. This is the Pro version which brings BBM support, caller ID and the official Pebble appstore, so no more need for the Pebble Android port. You can update firmware as well as install watch faces and apps.

Talk2Watch is an app recognized by Pebble as being a third party client, which is why it can access the official appstore. We highly recommend this app for BlackBerry 10 owners with a Pebble smartwatch on their wrist.

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Monday, February 16, 2015
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Reader comments

Talk2Watch Pro


Love it. Been using Talk to Watch Pro for a couple years now and have watched the app grow.... new headless upgrade really polished it off. I get all my messages and there is even customizable scripts you can use.