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The best way to keep tabs on your portfolio

Stocks for BlackBerry 10 is a sharply laid-out financial application that lets you monitor your portfolio, have access to over twenty world exchanges, review historical charts, and find news related to your stocks.

Best of all, Stocks has an optimized Active Frame, so you can see what’s happening even when the app is minimized - just pick if you'd rather see your favorite stocks list or your personal portfolio.

Stock numbers come in real time, plus you can see what after hours trading is like. Interactive charts for intraday trading and volume, while stocks can be found through searching by symbol or company name.

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Monday, April 1, 2013
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Good app, especially if you own some BBRY :-)
Seriously, a good app with graphs, favorites, etc, does what it needs to do. Nice that you can change the currencies on your stocks as well.

Only BBRY is real time... not even BB.TO is in real time. I checked with my software snap quotes on computer. What is the point of this? I would really want my money back.

Only problem I have with this app right now is I can't delete any stocks from the watchlist. I'd like to see the developer update the software so that I can delete stocks I'm no longer following. Otherwise a good app.

This app is junk not worth a penny. It does not work on TSX We can't remove any stocks from their list. We can't create our own list. This is a terrible app

I guess you're on 10.3.2. For some reason Team BlackBerry decided to add graphic glitches to their update. You can however do all these things.

Well can this Dev not fix/update his app to accommodate? None of my other apps became screwy after 10.3.2, but this one is now virtually unusable, and a great many 1 star reviews are piling up in BlackBerry World, since he doesn't seem to be responding or doing anything about complaints.