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  • Initial Release: 5 Apr 2013
  • Vendor: Nikolaos Gerontidis
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  • Last Updated: 11 Sep 2015
  • Price: $1.99
  • Built for BlackBerry: Yes

Our Thoughts

The best way to track your nickels and cents

MyAccountant is a Cascades-friendly income and expense tracker. With it, you can categorize what you’re spending money on, check your overall balance and transaction history, create recurring events (such as for billing), and show all of that data on interactive charts.

Users can generate full expense reports from within the app based on data collected, plus over two hundred icons helps keep everything visually differentiated. As an added bonus, there's a tip calculator and currency converter tool built in. Anybody that does a lot of contract work or manages their own business will want to check out MyAccountant.


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