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Give your photos the magic touch with this awesome photo editing tool

Magic Photos is a fantastic photo editing utility. It has a nice selection of tools that uses different brushes to create different effects for your photos.

You can Decolorize, Sketch, Cartoon, Blur, Recolor and Retouch your photos with a touch of the finger. With its simple UI you can be editing in no time, then share your photo out with friends and family.

Decolorize allows you to turn a photo black and white, then you can select an area to return back to its normal color so that it stands out. Sketch and Cartoon are pretty obvious; they turn your photos into a sketch or cartoon while keeping all the main features of the photo. With Recolor, you can enhance the original colors of the photo or manipulate them even further. Retouch uses the clone stamp tool and lets you clean up your photos to just the way you want.

It is definitely one of our favorite photo editing tools out there for BlackBerry 10.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013
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