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Ultimate automatic check-in app. Must have app for FourSquare users

An app for avid Foursquare users. How many times have your forgot to check in to a venue? I've done it a few times especially when I'm in a rush. With Magic4Square you can add your favorite venues to a list and you can be automatically checked in to those venues. You have to set it all up. You then set the the trigger for Magic4Square to do its thing. For example, how far from the venue do you want Magic4Square to start checking you in and how long must you be there before it does. Once you have that all set up, just keep the app running (no headless apps yet) and you don't need to think about checking in.

Highly recommended for anyone who regularly uses Foursquare. Good for those who want to keep their mayorship at certain venues.

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Friday, September 20, 2013
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