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Lazy Lists

Lazy Lists

If you want your BlackBerry to keep you organized then Lazy Lists is a must have app!

There are a bunch of organization apps for BlackBerry 10 but Lazy Lists is a real beauty. With so many options - such as different colors for each list you create, it's really customizable. With gestures built in, as well as the ability to share via your BlackBerry Hub, Lazy Lists really hits the spot.

It does its job, looks great and is super user friendly. What more could you wish for.

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James Richardson
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Lazy Lists


great app :D... i would like a way to rearrange the lists, i notice we cant do that after doing all my lists, it would be nice to see that in a future update...

For crying out loud how do I upgrade to the paid version? Doesn't seem to be any way through the free app to do this. No way to contact the developer if you don't use Twitter - how about an email address? You would think this would be made very simple if the developer wanted to make money!!!

Happy but frustrated.

Sorry, you can swipe from top to enter the settings screen. From there, you'll be able to find option to purchase the additional features!

Oh, our support information is also in the menu that is accessible by swiping from the top. We noticed that swiping from top menus are not the most intuitive nor obvious but we had to do so to qualify for the Built for BlackBerry program!