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HUB++ LED Notifications

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  • Initial Release: 1 Apr 2013
  • Vendor: Devcellent Solutions Inc.
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  • Last Updated: 20 May 2015
  • Price: $2.99

Our Thoughts

Take back control of your notifications

Hub++ is a significant upgrade to the default BlackBerry 10 notifications system. Users can drill down into incredibly specific notifications based on e-mail sender, subject line, and priority, and activate a variety of LED, vibration, and tone notifications.

Blanket notification profiles can be set for each e-mail account individually - even with pop-up previews of messages if you like. Hub++ is great for people who get a lot of e-mail and regularly receive high-priority messages that needs to be addressed immediately. The biggest downside here is that Hub++ has to stay open in an active frame in order to work.


Reader comments

HUB++ LED Notifications


Skype notifications does not work. Thinks all android notifications are Skype. Very irritating. Makes me think I have an incoming Skype call when I have none.

So far I like it. could care less about colorful LED displays. I want it for the repeating reminders. I just downloaded it but in tests it worked as it should.

John 20:29