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Evolution Web Browser with Ad Blocker

Browsing just got even better on BlackBerry 10!

If you are looking for an alternative browser for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you have come to the right place. The Evolution Web Browser comes with a ton of features not found in the the native one such as ad blocking, day or night mode and lighting mode for extra speed.

With adverts not loading at all - the application will also save you some data which will be perfect for those of you on a limited plan. With some funky gestures also implemented, moving between web pages is a joy with Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10. The night mode should also save you some battery life as web pages will load with a black background instead of white.

Of course - all the good stuff from the native browser is there too such as tabbed browsing, sharing and reader mode. What's not to like?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013
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