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Devil's Attorney

Sleaze your way to the top in this hilarious strategy game

Devil's Attorney is a strategy game that puts you in the tasteless suit of an attorney in the 80s, Max McMann, who defends obvious criminals. Players use underhanded logic to disassemble the prosecution's evidence, get the crook off the hook, and ultimately get paid.

Use that cash to deck out your apartment with the most obscene decor in an effort to bump up ratings in decadence, vanity, and materialism. Those scores unlock new abilities in the courtroom. There are 58 unique cases, each with pithy banter at the beginning, three neighborhoods to explore as Max grows in infamy. Three different difficulty settings ensures that you'll have plenty more gameplay to chew through once you've beat the game the first time. Overall, Devil's Attorney is as hilarious as it is challenging and original.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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