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  • Initial Release: 28 Dec 2012
  • Vendor: AsFusion
  • Version: 2.0
  • Last Updated: 28 Dec 2012
  • Price: Free

Our Thoughts

Take your task management to the next level

Conqu is a highly polished task management app for BlackBerry 10 that allows users to punch in a wide range of task information.

Busybodies can add tags, contexts, flag colors, and due dates to their tasks. Tasks can be organized into projects of multiple to-do items, and archived or moved to the backburner once you’re done with them. The user interface is interesting, responsive, and polished, if not Cascades-driven. Though the app is free, if you're willing to bay for the subscription service, your tasks can sync up with your PC. For those that need more than what the native Remember app has to offer, download Conqu.


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