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Test your knowledge of brands, celebrities and more

How good are you at logos and icons? Test your knowledge in Colormania. There's been a few logo games floating around BlackBerry World but Colormania stands out. For one, you're not guessing what the logo is, you're guessing the colors associated with that logo. Colormania doesn't stop at logos though. It includes TV shows/characters, brands, celebrities, even everyday items.

It's easy enough trying to remember what the logo is but trying to remember the colors is something different. While some will come at you fast and obvious, there will be some that will make you think and that's why it becomes very addictive. You are given three lives at the start of the game, along with some power-ups in the form of a hammer and brush. The hammer eliminates the wrong colors and the brush reveals a correct color. When you run out of them, if you want more, you'll have to purchase them.

Depending on the icon you may have to guess 1 or more colors. When you run out of lives, you have to wait a bit until you can spin the wheel to get more lives. The more you lose lives, the longer you have to wait to spin the wheel. Then again, you could always just purchase some more lives. You could be waiting up to an hour.

With great graphics and sounds, Colormania is fun for all ages, very addictive and altogether fun. Plus, it's free.

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