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An absolute necessity for any BlackBerry owner!

CB10 is the official CrackBerry app for BlackBerry 10, and is among the most popular in BlackBerry World. You can keep up on the latest blog posts, leave comments, likes, and thanks, cruise the forums, find technical support, enter contests, and shop for accessories.

Notifications are built in, so whenever there's a reply to your thread and the app is open, you'll know right away. Links can be opened either in the embedded browser or a separate browser window. Without a doubt, CB10 is a must-have app for absolutely every BlackBerry owner.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013
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I was disappointed not to find the Verisure app available for my new Q10! Is it in the pipeline??

New update killed CB 10 for me on my STL100-3. Participated removed or put some obscure place "can't seem to find it" and cache is worse then ever. It has points of runaway and app size just keeps growing to over a gig before I deleted it. Yes, I hit the clear button but no effect. I am using Android version till it is fixed. The app was wonderful before this last update now Android is better. At least with the DROID version you can manually delete the cache. Something BlackBerry decided we were too stupid to be trusted with.

Website here got screwed too. Mobile button menu is gone and that was an awesome feature. Used it all the time for short cuts. No I am not one of these people who buck change. I love change as long as it is for the better.
Also the new side bar menu should work everywhere on the site and doesn't.


Hi all,
I downloaded viber from 1market..i uninstalled it, I tried to reinstall but it it appears that I have it installed in my phone..