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  • Initial Release: 13 Jun 2013
  • Vendor: Marco Amadori
  • Version: 1.1
  • Last Updated: 13 Jun 2013
  • Price: Free
  • Built for BlackBerry: Yes

Our Thoughts

The first App.net client for BlackBerry

Blue is the first App.net client on BlackBerry 10, the social network that's aim to be different. The app allows you to update your status, view your timeline, see global posts, reply to posts, repost posts, favorite posts and search hashtags. On top of that it has a Interactions tab, which is very convenient. You can also view user profiles and follow them too.

Blue has achieve Built for BlackBerry status which means it has met criteria and standards giving you a great BlackBerry 10 app experience. It is also BBM intergrated to you can update your BBM status at the same time.

App.net is the subscription based social network that allows you to write more than 140 characters and with it being subscription based it means there are no ads. There are free accounts available via invites which you'll find around the interwebs or if you ask nicely.


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