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BlackBerry Travel makes sure you never miss another flight

BlackBerry Travel is a free utility that scans your incoming e-mail for travel receipts - flight, hotel, or otherwise - and automatically fills a trip itinerary for you.

Once set, BlackBerry Travel monitors flight changes and sends notifications so you can make changes at a moment’s notice. You can also get alerts when there are cheaper options available for your next planned trip. BlackBerry Travel also includes a bunch of sources for booking additional travel options if you need them. If you have traveling companions, itineraries can be shared out over BBM, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Globetrotters will most definitely want to have BlackBerry Travel installed on their BB10 device.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013
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BlackBerry Travel


this app makes traveling a total breeze~!
if only we could assign the prefered source for flight/ hotel bookings ie:,, etc

BlackBerry Travel is one of those killer apps that automatically scan your email in search of travel information and directly connect to airline or train databases in order to push you relevant notifications. You'll get all the info that you need from the time of the flights, the delay, the boarding gate... everything in time. And because it connects to your address book and contacts it knows if you're gonna be late and if you want to send a message to the people you're supposed to meet. It can also identify hotel booking or car rentals to automatically create "trips".

When you use it on a regular basis you then realize that Google totally ripped the idea for their Google Now assistant. Of course, it's also way less intrusive.

I highly recommend this app which maybe the smartest thing BlackBerry has ever produced