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BeWeather 10 Pro

BeWeather 10 Pro is one of the top-selling weather apps for BlackBerry 10. Where other apps simply show you the current temperature, conditions and forecast, BeWeather takes it a step beyond and offers those plus much more. You can view the temperature and conditions, daily and hourly forecast, satellite maps, radar and even receive weather alerts. 

You can choose multiple weather locations as well as a default home location, so it makes for a great app for frequent travelers. The active frame view shows the current temperature for your home location as well so you can always see the latest weather at a glance. 

BeWeather 10 Pro has a beautiful animated interface that should keep even the craziest weather nuts happy. 

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
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Reader comments

BeWeather 10 Pro


I'd really like to see a trial for this one. Not sure what it has, that the dozen or free weather apps don't have. An active frame?

This app looks nice, but I've had my fill of weather warnings for Florida and LA eventhough I live in Canada and don't have those places on my app. Also being in Canada not having a weather app that shows snow accumulation in the winter is a deal breaker. Too bad because this app is very sharp looking and I'd definitely go pro if these fixes were there.

Hi you can not transfer from bb 9900 to bb z10 I tried it so I just bought it again great weather application

Probably the Best weather app one can find for BlackBerry 10! The more is frustrating that in active frame There is still mismatch of names in it: location etc, words interfere with eatch other And makes it unreadable!! Please correct And five stars are yours!!! Thanks in advance.

I cannot agree with this app as being the "Best Weather App". I found the wind speed and direction to be totally inaccurate in all graphical areas. I did give them three stars on my review for application appearance.

I submitted a ticket to the developer (KFM-669-41577) on 10/4/2013, and received an automated response with no human help. On 10/10/2013 I was sent an automated reply telling me the ticket was closed, with a request to fill out a satisfaction form. The following is my reply:

"You haven't done anything except close ticket KFM-669-41577. The only help I have ever received is automated responses, with no contact via email from anyone. I believe you are putting the cart before the horse. You should have at least contacted me to resolve the described issue. Automated responses don't count. You have absolutely no support for your product. Nothing has changed; the problem still exists. Wind speed and direction is entirely incorrect for all geographical areas. I will never purchase another app from your company again. I requested help from your support Center on October 4th, and I still haven't received any reply other than automated responses, and now I've been notified that the ticket has been closed. Today's date is October 10th, 2013. Unfortunately, I didn't try your free version first. This would have saved me the cost of a cup of coffee.

Good luck with your shoddy application. I cannot recommend it to anyone."

Yes I agree with you about poor customer service.. and inaccuracy of some information.. but its okay app and nice to own..

Well, it is a nice app but not very accurate and it is flickering for me making reading forecast unreadable. No respond from developer for 6 weeks, they just closed the ticket and that's it. WASTE of money! Terrible developer. BB Weather is more accurate and free :(