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BeMaps 10

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  • Initial Release: 13 Aug 2013
  • Vendor: Bellshare GmbH
  • Version: 2.0.14
  • Last Updated: 7 Jan 2016
  • Price: $2.99

Our Thoughts

The best mapping solution available on BlackBerry 10

BeMaps 10 is hands-down the best way to get GPS directions on BlackBerry 10. It pulls in data from Google Maps, and presents it in a native-feeling user interface.

Users can pull driving, walking, transit, or biking directions, and toggle various content layers, such as terrain, traffic, and satellite. You can even zoom right down into Street View for a first-person view. If you want voice activated turn-by-turn directions, BeMaps 10 smartly shunts users over to the native BlackBerry Maps app. 

BeMaps 10 is one of my most frequently used apps on BlackBerry 10 - if you ever need to figure out how to get from point A to point B, use BeMaps 10. 


Reader comments

BeMaps 10


My question, if someone sends you their "location", for instance, in WhatsApp, will I be able to open it throght BeMap10? Please... someone let me know!

Am I missing something here? Why the need fo this app? I have the real googlemaps with full navigation working on both my Z30 and Z10 and loaded via the 1-Mobile Mrket App. Both phones running 10.3.1 OS . Forgive me if this is old news but anybody else installed this version of google Maps? I've used it twice now in the 2 days since installing, both times for 1 to 1-1/2 hr trips and it seems to work flawlessly, exactly the same way I recall the app when I had a Galaxy Note 3.

BeMap is useless on navigation. On the smart phone era, it take place of GPS like garmin, bemaps offers nothing on navigation function. Dont buy it.