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beExecutor for BlackBerry 10

beExecutor for BlackBerry 10

A fun little collection of sound effects

beExecutor brings the fun of fire off missiles, machine guns or lasers to your BlackBerry Z10. You can keep this app open and at the ready and hit one of eight sound effects at your road-raging enemies.

It includes a siren, explosions, phasers, machine gun and more. beExecutor is based on the classic noise-making gizmo, and is a perfect way to keep the kids entertained with something goofy.

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Monday, April 1, 2013
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beExecutor for BlackBerry 10


Imho - I wouldn’t consider apps like this to be worthy of inclusion on a list like this. It gives the naysayers ammo when we try to boast about BB10's 120,000 apps. "Oh.. One of their best apps is a noise maker? I'll keep my iPhone."

Just saying..