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Amazing Breaker

An ice breaker of a game

Amazing Breaker is an incredibly addicting game that you could spend hours playing. The concept is pretty simple: you are presented with ice sculptures and you must break them by firing bombs at them.

You are given different types of bombs to blow up the ice sculptors. Each bomb has its own unique way of exploding. There's a Spike bomb, the simplest one - just aim and shoot and it goes boom. The Ghost bomb goes through the ice and you can guide it by swiping to pinpoint the area you want to break. TheĀ HelicopterĀ bomb deploys purple crystals - keep them close enough to each other and they'll explode in a chain. Lastly, there's the Split bomb. Deploy then tap, and it splits into three and again will explode in a chain when used with either the Spike bomb or Helicopter bomb.

All in all, Amazing Breaker is a fun and addictive game with 100 levels for you to enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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