Kevin's Hair 

If you haven't seen the giant mop on Kevin's head, well, you're lucky. Kevin has been growing his hair out for months now in support of BlackBerry 10 (maybe you've been following along on Twitter). He swore he wouldn't cut it until BlackBerry 10 is in his hands and he's stuck to it. As it inches its way to unmanagable, I've found an app that just might make things better for all of us. HairTips is a simple app that does just what it says - gives you tips on how to style your hair. Since he's bounced between random hair ties, clips and just letting it fly, I figured this one may come in handy since we'll all have to look at it for another two months.

HairTips gives stlying advice for all types of hair and even fills you in on hair growth and loss. The app features tips for growing hair faster, styling all types of hair, tips for getting "magazine cover hair" and much more. While it's not for everyone, I really hope that Kevin picks it up so that he doesn't look much creepier over the next few weeks. BlackBerry 10 will be here soon - fear not. Heck, I may just gift it to him and save us all.

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