As a former BlackBerry theme addict, there are times I found myself wishing I could rearrange the icons on my BlackBerry 10 home screen so that my wallpaper could be prominently displayed. Usually, what I wound up doing is created a whole new page with one icon for the desired effect. One developer took it upon themselves to code an application to accomplish this so that you get the full benefit of your display and all your various backgrounds.

The App Gap achieves this effect by creating invisible icons up to five at a time on the home screen. These icons are added in order of the next available slot and act like any other icon. They can be used to rearrange your applications and folders however you see fit. For instance, users could manipulate the icons into an "L" shape like the old style themes or simply leave them at the bottom tray style. There are numerous combinations and styles to help you maximize the space on your display.

Icons may be moved and deleted the same way as other icons so do not worry that these are permanent fixtures. All that has to be done is to choose the number you wish to generate between one and five, though you can always run this program multiple times for more. It's as easy as tapping on the box for the number of icons you wish to create.

This application certainly puts more control in your hands to customize your display. Also, nothing beats being able to give your home screen a clean and simple look. Now there will be no more worrying over how parts of your wallpapers are cut off or blocked by folders and icons. App Gap requires OS 10.3 to run and is $0.99 to download.

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