Apollo serves up Pandoras streaming music to your BlackBerry PlayBook

Dig using Pandora but kinda bummed about their not being a Pandora client for your BlackBerry PlayBook? No matter. Apollo is available for download in BlackBerry App World for free and with it, you'll be enjoying your Pandora music right from within the app. If the name sounds familiar, it's because the app is also on webOS. Have a look at the features:

  • Creation of new Pandora accounts
  • Sign in with existing Pandora accounts
  • Creation/Deletion of stations
  • Bookmark management (bookmark current/recent song/artist, view/delete bookmarks)
  • Like/Dislike of songs
  • Skip current song (6 skips/hr/station)
  • Viewing of recent tracks for each station
  • Create station from current song/artist, recent song/artist, bookmark song/artist
  • Put song to sleep for one month
  • Links to browse music on Amazon.com
  • Sorting of stations by name or date of creation
  • Viewing of current song artist biography
  • Explanation of why current song is playing
  • Settings: audio quality, selectable backgrounds, application timeout, toggle auto-play station on app startup, statisticsĀ 

Apollo is built using the Enyo JS framework and is current being tested on BlackBerry 10. So go ahead and give it a look if you're a Pandora user. Also, don't be afraid to send the developer feedback as well, this is a nice app but it can always get better. Sadly, it's only available in the U.S., so keep that in mind.

Download Apollo Pandora Radio client