AnyTime - Display Multiple Timezones On Your Homescreen

Ever find yourself stuck for trying to figure out time zones when working out meetings and such with others? Drives me nuts. I can totally admit that I have a hard time with time conversion and it became more evident to me as I have been watching the Olympics. Trying to figure out the schedule in Vancouver vs. Halifax meant me sitting there and Googling for a online time converter. I think it's a mental block I have or something, I never remember even at looking.

After getting frustrated with having to look up the timezones I decided to go looking for a BlackBerry app to help me. Kyle had mentioned AnyTime from MMMOO. AnyTime covers all of what I needed. I can set up multiple timezones and have them either in a list or even have them displayed on my BlackBerry homescreen. Icon update times can be adjusted and it also supports 12/24 hr formatting of time. Perfect solution for my situation and maybe others out there who may have the same issue. AnyTime is available now for all devices OS 4.5+ including the BlackBerry Storm series and will only set you back $3.99.

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