We've featured Max Mobile Security a couple of times here before, and the same developers have now released AntiVirus - a more cost effective application.

While I suspect that many BlackBerry 10 users will currently be more than happy with the awesome level of security their device gives them, this app will give you some extra reassurance when downloading Android apps/games.

With the amount of Android applications now running on BlackBerry 10 and with this set to increase when the Amazon Appstore arrives in BlackBerry World, the level of threat is clearly going to increase. Whether you feel you need an added level of security is up to you of course, but for $3.99 the budget friendly scanner won't break the bank.

Main features:

  • Complement BlackBerry Guardian with file scanning/ Will be available for pre 10.3 devices without BlackBerry Guardian

  • Cloud scanning

  • Based on Smart Scan Engine (Patent Pending)

  • Headless scanning

  • Enterprise ready

  • Available in English, Bahasa, French

Press Release

Pune, India (August 1st, 2014) – Max Secure Software announces the release of an AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10. This release comes following the announcement of BlackBerry Guardian to add extra 3rd party protection from Android apps and to protect pre-10.3 OS devices which don't currently have BlackBerry Guardian. It runs on the Smart Scan (Patent pending) Scanner, which also powers the Mobile Security Suite: Max Mobile Security (It has an additional Safe Browser and Advance APK Scanner).  

Antivirus by Max Secure protects BlackBerry 10 users from:

  1. APK Scanner scans malicious Android run-time apps for BlackBerry 10.

  2. Malware that can harm other devices like devices connected to the same cloud, email attachments or when the device is connected to the PC.

  3. With background (headless) scanning, harmful downloaded apps and files.

Above BlackBerry Guardian, Antivirus by Max Secure ensures the safety of files and the cloud to avoid malware infection on any other device.

"With the increased amount of demand for Android apps on the BlackBerry ecosystem, a reliable 3rd party AntiVirus solution makes sense for enhanced protection for both consumers and enterprises," Sanjay Pradhan the CEO of Max Secure Software. Apart from English, the app has also got localized for Indonesia in Bahasa and in French.

More information/Purchase AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10