Now this is my type of game. Ant Raid is a strategy style game but unlike, or as good, as any I've played before on BlackBerry 10. The concept is real simple - you control ants and you must protect the colony from invading bugs.

Once you start the game you will see a creature pop up on the screen who will guide you through what you must do and how to control the ants. The main objective is that when a bug wanders onto the screen you need to send some ants out to destroy it. This is achieved by holding down on a group of ants (which will then have a circle around them) and then you tap the bug you need to kill and off your ants go. The longer you hold on the ants the bigger the circle which is required for bigger bugs.

Some enemies - such as snails will explode and damage your ants so you will need to send more ants out to rescue them. And it doesn't stop there. There are some levels which are totally different and instead of sending out your ants you just need to tap on the bugs to make them explode. Small ones will just require a single tap but bigger ones will need a double to destroy them.

The graphics and sound effects are fantastic with Ant Raid and the game play is awesome. It's challenging and sometimes extremely manic - just what I like. Currently only the BlackBerry Z10 is supported and I can see why. You really do need the extra screen real estate for this one.

The game will set you back £0.75/$0.99 and if you ask me that's a real bargain. This game rocks!

Download Ant Raid for BlackBerry 10