Another update to ReadItNow brings more features

It was only a week ago when we saw a big update to third party Pocket client ReadItNow. The developer went native Cascades for v6.0 and he got a huge response from the CrackBerry community. So, he went to work to bring some new features suggested by users of ReadItNow. I always love developers who are very responsive to their users and update frequently. I use ReadItNow because it's a great Pocket client but the experience is made even better when you have a very active developer.

What's new in ReadItNow v6.1.0?

  • NEW: optimized sync process
  • NEW: available in more share menues from other apps! for example Blaq, gNewsReader, ...
  • NEW: added ability to configure the margin between text and display edge in article view
  • NEW: added more values to selectable font-sizes and line-spacing
  • NEW: added hotkey to share an article ("A")
  • NEW: added hotkeys to to increase and decrease fontsize ("I", "O")
  • NEW: added BBM channel info to about dialog (C000311B3)
  • FIXED: share target icon (visible in other apps share menu) size fits better
  • FIXED: no more showing "Deleted Article" during sync
  • FIXED: os 10.2 related bug always showed loading indicator in article view
  • FIXED: font "Verdana" is now usable, corrected typo
  • FIXED: some other typos

If you haven't tried ReadItNow before you can check out our hands on demo of the app. Otherwise, follow the link below to update or purchase ReadItNow. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Now, is the best time to try as it goes on sale for $0.99 for a limited time only. So, snap up the bargain today!

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