This time around it's the guys at phonearena that have their hands on a pre-release BlackBerry Storm 9550 and have given it a first look/preview. It's a little less glowing than some of the other 9550 first looks to date, but overall they come away with the viewpoint that it's a much improved BlackBerry Storm compared to the first generation device, but that the improved SurePress still isn't something that they're likely to "enjoy" using on a regular basis. They never stated what exact OS version the device was running nor what the CPR/hardware manufacture date was, but judging from the video I think both the hardware and OS are fairly old builds. The end key issue they talk about and bottom screen buttons sometimes not wanting to click is something I have yet to experience with the Storm 9550/9520s I have handled, so I don't think this will be an issue to worry about at all.

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